marble cake with melted chocolate

Marble Cake

October 25, 2017lifepatisserie

I remember growing up and going over to my grandparents, there was always cakes on the table and usually more than one. My grandmother did always bake everything and I really admired how she always was prepared if guests dropped in, nothing was bought, and you were offered many types of cake every time you came. She was the best …

This is one of those cakes that I remembered from her, the marble cake. I remember as a kid looking at the slices and thinking how in the world she made this cake, the pattern was simply magical and when I grew up I wanted to learn how to do this.
It’s a simple coffee cake but has those beautiful swirls of vanilla and chocolate. Normally you would put vanilla dough in the bottom of the tin, then chocolate and then vanilla again, well that was the way my grandmother did it. But often I just put the vanilla first then chocolate and swirl it with a knife and it comes out beautiful.

It’s not hard to make, even if I though it would be as a kid, and you get the best of both worlds a soft and fluffy vanilla and chocolate cake.


vanilla dough in tin


chocolate dough in tin


mixing chocolate and vanilla dough


melted chocolate and coconut oil


marble cake without chocolate

marble cake



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cut marble cake


slice of marble cake

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