Pasta salad - Jar of the week

Jar of the Week – Simple Pasta Salad

April 11, 2018lifepatisserie

When I moved to Denmark I had never experienced that culture of packing your own lunch before. In Iceland they really didn’t have the same mentality for this, you usually searched for the nearest restaurant or shop if you needed something to eat. Also in every school in Iceland they have lunch for the children so the parents just have to think about some fruits or snack.
So when I moved here I was amazed with how everybody had thought about packing something to eat no matter where they went, and slowly I have adopted that too. When we went to park with the kids we always took care of packing something to eat, and when they started school I made their lunch every day, as schools in Denmark didn’t offer any meals. So even if I have been doing that for 13 years now I still struggle with being creative enough but at the same time give my kids a healthy food.

So now I want to try to give some inspiration to you and make a new segment called Jar of the Week, which will be food that you can easily take with you for lunch, pack in your picnic basket or just take with you on the road. And the first one is going to be a simple pasta salad. Something that you can throw together the night before and it’s sitting ready in the fridge. You can easily swap out some of the vegetables and just use what you have or is in need to be used.



Pasta salad in a jar ingredients




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  • Barbara

    April 15, 2018 at 21:25

    Great idea for a series!

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