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Jar of the Week – Iced Coffee

June 29, 2018lifepatisserie


The weather here in Denmark has been absolutely fantastic. May was just great with so much sun that I have never experienced this before, but also no rain and that has given us some problems as well. Now we are almost at the end of June and the sun is going nowhere and we are just enjoying as much as we can. 

Even though it is so warm I still need my coffee, and sometimes my kids are amazed on how I can drink warm coffee in this weather, but in between I love to have iced coffee and I have made my version of it so that is simple and not too sweet, I really don’t like my coffee sweet but iced coffee calls for a little bit of sweetness. 
I find it best, and I recommend to have cold espresso shots in the fridge. The recipe calls for double shot of espresso ( 60 ml ), and I usually have it ready in the fridge. The sweetness in my iced coffee comes from ice cream and my favorites are vanilla or coconut. In my local store I can buy Italian gelato and I find it just perfect in this but just use what you have or what you like best.

To make a vegan version, you can easily use plant based milk and ice cream. 

iced coffee


ice in a jar


espresso and ice in a jar


espresso and milk in a jar


[yumprint-recipe id=’61’] 

ices coffee ready


iced coffee in a jar

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