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September 6, 2017lifepatisserie

I could basically eat pasta almost every day and I love making pasta dishes. But with pasta less is more, and that means that maybe you should not eat it every day, but also the best pasta dishes are the simple ones.

When I started making fresh pasta it was quite time consuming and sometimes, specially if I was making ravioli it would take me most of the day. But now I am getting both better and faster so I am able to make pasta more often, much to my own liking.

The way I make pasta dough is that I use my food processor which really makes the work easier and quicker. This recipe I use for all the different kinds of pasta I make, the only difference is how thinly you roll it out and how you shape it.





[yumprint-recipe id=’16’] 




If you put your pasta dough in the fridge take it out and let it come up to room temperature before you start working with it.

I use a manual pasta machine to flatten it, but you can also use an attachment to your stand mixer or just a rolling pin.

When you use the machine you start at the widest setting and work your way to the thinnest. Best practice is to always put the dough twice through each setting.

I usually go down to the second lowest setting for all pasta except double layer pasta like ravioli, then I go all the way to the lowest setting.

Use the semolina flour on your workbench, pasta machine and on the dough so your pasta will not start to get too sticky.

I like putting my pasta on a clean dish cloth when it is ready, and dusting it with semolina because as the pasta sits it will start to stick.




Also you can try different flavour variations for the dough, spinach, beets, cacao, dried herbs, chili, saffron or turmeric.

By adding turmeric to your pasta dough you get a really nice yellow colour but also all the health benefits such as anti-inflammation.

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