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November 17, 2017lifepatisserie

Have you started preparing for Christmas?
I normally start in November as there are some things I would like to finish before December, like buying most of the Christmas presents as I have to send most of them home to Iceland, baking some of the Christmas cookies (I promise they will all be here on the blog) and making the advent wreath. This time should not be about stress and Christmas will come even though you didn’t manage to clean the whole house from top to bottom. Just remember to enjoy …

I grew up celebrating advent, which is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. The traditional advent wreath is a circle made from evergreen and holds 4 candles, preferable white. It is used to count down for Christmas, and the four lights symbolize each of the last four Sundays to Christmas. Therefore, the tradition also prescribes turning on the first candle on 1. Sunday in advent, two candles , 2nd Sunday in advent, etc.
Through the years the advent wreath has changed from just being in a circle to being in almost anything you can think of. I can honestly say that tho there have been years where I have gone all in and made advent wreaths that took quite some time, there have also been years that I have made wreaths that only took a couple of minutes and yes I said minutes. But I think that is the beautiful thing about the advent wreath, it can be just what you want it to be, as simple or as complicated


I don’t think there anything nicer than a beautiful advent wreath as a countdown for Christmas Eve

Advent wreath ideas

Classical, natural, elegant or completely unconventional? Get inspired by these advent wreaths and make your own version.


Advent wreath


Ideas for advent wreath


and sometimes things just don’t need to be complicated ….


simple advent decoration

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