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Have you ever bought fresh herbs in pots only to see them wither away in a short time? There are a surprising number of herbs that you buy that can have a happy life in your kitchen.

There is something really satisfying about growing your own herbs and you will get a level of completeness in your dishes that you can’t achieve with dried herbs from a jar.

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I am a huge fan of bread, and since I moved to Denmark I have really learned new skills in bread making.  One of my new passion is sourdough bread, I love the taste as I think it is more complex than in a “ordinary” bread. The sourdough also contains the bacteria Lactobacillus in a higher proportion than in other breads. And what does that mean? More mineral availability and easier digestion as the fermentation process increases the content of beneficial bacteria …… Healthy bacteria = healthy body.

When making a sourdough bread you first need to make a sourdough starter and that takes about 5 days, it is depending in the conditions in your kitchen and the flour you use. Each day you “feed” your starter with flour and water. As it grows stronger it will come more bubbly and sour-smelling. As long as you see bubbles and signs of yeast activity everything is good and you should just continue feeding it.

Once it reaches that frothy, billowy stage, the starter is ready for use.