• Morning Pancakes

    September 6, 2017lifepatisserie

    Quite often we have pancakes for breakfast, mostly it is on the weekends where we have more time but it can also happen during a weekday. Here I have a basic master recipe and then 8 ways to take your…

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  • The quickest Tomato Sauce

    April 10, 2017lifepatisserie

    This is my quickest recipe for tomato sauce which I use for pasta. I never buy bottled pasta sauce as I find them too sweet, and as this is very simple and quick to make I tend to use this…

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  • Sourdough

    April 12, 2016lifepatisserie

    I am a huge fan of bread, and since I moved to Denmark I have really learned new skills in bread making.  One of my new passion is sourdough bread, I love the taste as I think it is more…

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