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Sourdough Morning Bread

sourdough morning bread
I have been quite busy finishing a digital marketing course so I haven't had as much time to blog as I would like to have. And when you are busy you appreciate more when you have time off to relax and enjoy. That's how I feel about weekends, I just love that morning coffee and good bread. Oh how I love bread. It takes time to make your own bread, it's not necessarily difficult but it takes time and most of the time is in proofing. This recipe is fairly easy and can safely say that this is the best morning bread that I have ever made. You just prepare your dough the night before and let it proof during the night. Which means you will have freshly baked bread with your morning coffee.

Healthier Banana Bread

When you have some bananas sitting on your kitchen counter and they are just getting more and more brown, why not use them for banana bread. Banana bread is a classic recipe and a brilliant way to those extra bananas…


I am a huge fan of bread, and since I moved to Denmark I have really learned new skills in bread making.  One of my new passion is sourdough bread, I love the taste as I think it is more…