• Tomato Pesto

    Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

    February 22, 2018lifepatisserie

    This is incredibly easy to make but in my opinion tastes much better than any store-bought tomato pesto I have tasted. Tomato pesto is the perfect sauce for a variety of uses, it is cheesy, garlicky, and nutty but is full of wonderful tomato flavour. I have added chilli flakes, which I think gives it a little kick, the recipe calls for 1/4 tsp but you can have less if you think it is too much. Also, I use pine nuts if I have them, if I don’t I use cashew. This pesto has so much flavour that I think you really don’t feel the difference, and you can really save money on that. Another way to save money is to use the oil that…

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  • Quinoa Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

    January 30, 2018lifepatisserie

    It’s that time of the year when you have a lot of cold, cough and all those wonderful things. The weather here has been very strange, it is unusually warm but then you get very cold days in between, which…

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  • On My Plate

    January 29, 2018lifepatisserie

    Setting a beautiful dining table is just as much fun as cooking delicious food and I am always on the look for something new. It is so easy to bring a bit of color to your table with some beautiful…

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  • Hazelnut Chocolate spread

    January 23, 2018lifepatisserie

    There is something about the mixture of hazelnuts and chocolate. I know chocolate and nuts go very well together, but hazelnuts and chocolate is just heavenly mixture. I have to admit I am guilty of buying a jar or two…

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  • The Green One

    January 12, 2018lifepatisserie

    Nice and slowly I have been turning my ways and choosing lighter and more green food.  January is the hardest month for me, everything is so gray, dark and cold. So I’m trying my best to lift my spirits, eat…

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  • Lemon Cake with Ricotta

    January 8, 2018lifepatisserie

      One of the things I really love are cookbooks. Through the years I have bought quite a lot and I’m also a very frequent visitor at the local library. When I see a book that I find interesting I…

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  • My Pulled Pork

    January 7, 2018lifepatisserie

    My mom and dad came here to Denmark to spend the New Years with us, and of course we used the opportunity to spend as much time as we could together. I am really fortunate to have my sisters here…

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  • Chocolate Shake with Avocado & Strawberries

    January 2, 2018lifepatisserie

    Well first of all I want to wish you all a very happy new year and I really hope you have all had wonderful holidays. Now things are slowly getting back to normal, the kids are going to school tomorrow…

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  • Christmas Layer Cake

    December 22, 2017lifepatisserie

    Wow I have been quite busy getting everything ready for Christmas so I have not had as much time to use here as I would have wanted. But now I think almost everything is ready, all the presents are bought,…

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  • Æbleskiver

    December 17, 2017lifepatisserie

    Æbleskiver or pancake puffs are a Danish Christmas tradition. They are baked on a special type of pan which are usually made of cast iron. I have been planning to buy me one of those pans for a really long…

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